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landscapes by dae, llc
. . . extending your personality into your outdoor living room


    The results of landscape design are not static.  The factor of plant materials makes your landscape organic and ever-changing.  Existing properties often come with inherent challenges which can become creative opportunities in the hands of a skilled designer.  The landscape designer’s responsibility is to take note of these features and either spotlight or camouflage them to the advantage of the client.  As I work with each client, it is my focus to carefully develop an outdoor space that is meaningful and offers enrichment to their life.

    As a landscape designer and planning consultant, certified by the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association in 1993 and the Association of Professional Landscape Designers in 1994, my focus has always been on developing each site to reflect the style of it’s owner while respecting the natural gifts of the land.

    I invite you to contact me to discuss your landscaping dreams.

                                                        ~Debra Ensteness, MNLA-CP